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This is the moveset I have in mind.

Nature: ???

Dragon Claw
Fire Blast/Flamethrower/Fire Fang (I dont know what to pick help plz)
Stone Edge/Rock Slide (I dont know what to pick)

Will Fire Fang be stronger than Flamethrower or Fire Blast? Because Garchomp has higher attack than special attack.

If I chose a Jolly nature Garchomp how much will Fire Blast power decrease by?

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I hope you do not mind that I edited your question slightly; there is already a Garchomp moveset thread (as there is for every fully evolved Pokemon), so I removed the open-ended aspect of the post so this doesn't become another endless moveset thread. The focus should be on which of the moves is best now.
Main moveset thread: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/2075/
Its ok, I do not mind but the other main moveset thread is not what im looking for so...

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Garchomp @ Life Orb
Naive Nature
- Dragon Claw
- Earthquake
- Fire Blast
- Stone Edge

I don't know what metagame you're using this in, or if it is in-game or competitive, which is pretty important information as that would drastically change my choices (for example, an all-out attacking Garchomp like this one would be unviable in SM OU) but for the sake of answering I'll optimize the set with the options you gave me.

Starting with the Fire moves, I chose Fire Blast because it is more effective than the other options. Its purpose is to hit Pokemon that Garchomp's STAB moves can't, and these Pokemon, such as Skarmory and Tapu Bulu, are generally hit harder by Special moves, which eliminated Fire Fang as a possibility. Flamethrower is simply unviable on its own due to its low base power, leaving Fire Blast as my choice. Because of this, I added a Life Orb to the set even though you did not ask for an item, as it is needed to boost Fire Blast's power to an acceptable level. In addition, I chose Naive as it boosts Garchomp's Attack while lowering its Special Defense, which isn't too bad because it is already mediocre. Lastly, I chose Stone Edge over Rock Slide because, once again, Garchomp appreciates the extra power.

only allowed garchomp and fire types, steel, fairy  just so you dont need to say format...
In that case, you should probably not use Garchomp because it won't be much use against stuff like Groudon, Arceus, and Xerneas.
Ok but this is a forum for garchomp moveset and if there is any other moveset better than the one I suggested then I could probably try another one.
Groudon @ red orb
Ability: drought
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant nature
- stealth rock
- precipice blades
- fire punch
- roar
Ok thanks and I also asked another question on here yesterday but it hasn't been posted yet so when will it be posted?
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Flamethrower has 90 base power. Fire fang has 65 base power and 95% accuracy, so I'll treat it as having 247/4 base power (which is 65*95%). Fire blast has 110 base power and 85% accuracy, so I'll treat it as having 187/2 base power (which is 110*85%). The damage formula is as follows.
damage=(2*level/5+2)*base power*attack stat/(50*defense stat)+2
I'm going to assume opponents have the same defense stat as special defense stat, and that there are no other modifiers. The only thing I'm changing is the base power and the used attack stat.
what we care about=base power*attack stat
If you give it 252 Atk/4 SpA/252 Spe jolly, its attack stats come out to be 359 and 177. This is what the "what we care about" comes out to be when those numbers are put into the formula and rounded to the nearest integer.
Fire fang: 22168
Flamethrower: 15930
Fire blast: 16549
Using this spread, fire fang is the best of the three.
If you give it 252 Atk/4 SpA/252 Spe hasty, its special attack goes up to 197. The "what we care about" for fire blast goes up to 18420, so jolly nature multiplies its special attack by 9/10. It would still be weaker than fire fang. However, the fire-weak Pokemon you're likely to fight often have very good physical defense, which is why many Garchomps know fire blast despite it being weaker.

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Wow thanks for me, I'm not that good at doing those things
It's easy. Just go to Pokemon Showdown!, open the team builder, pick a Pokemon, and you can mess with the EVs and natures however you want.
I love pokemon showdown!