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I was thinking assault vest slowbro could be a good mixed tank
Bold nature 252 hp 252 Spa SpD 4
*fireblast,grass knot, shadow ball, ice beam for last two slots

Is this viable?

There is already a moveset question for all fully evolved Pokemon.

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It could be viable but there's no recovery for him at all since he has the Assault Vest.
You're better off making him mega.

Slowbro @Slowbronite
Trait: Regenerator --> Shell Armor
Bold Nature
EVs: 252 Hp, 156 Def, 100 SpD

  • Calm Mind; The move that will basically turn Slowbro into a tank
  • Slack Off; Reliable recovery
  • Scald; STAB, can make your defense even better(if physical sweepers and tanks are burned)
  • Fire Blast/Psyshock; Cover your grass and bug weaknesses with Fire Blast or get STAB with Psyshock

Hope I helped!

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