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The HP bags are meant to look like Whynaut, Marill and Azumarill. The Attack bags are meant to look like the Machamp evolutionary line (I think). The Defense bags are meant to look like the Aggron evolutionary line. The Special Attack bags are meant to look like the Chandelure evolutionary line. And the Speed bags are meant to look like the Crobat evolutionary line.

But what Pokémon are the Special Defense bags meant to look like? It looks like some kind of bug type Pokemon's pattern.


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The small, medium and large stat bags are all patterned to resemble a three-stage line of Pokémon which specialises in that stat.
The HP bags resemble Azurill, Marill and Azumarill;
Attack bags resemble Machop, Machoke and Machamp;
Defense bags resemble Aron, Lairon and Aggron;
Special Attack bags resemble Litwick, Lampent and Chandelure;
Special Defense bags resemble Flabébé, Floette and Florges;
Speed bags resemble Zubat, Golbat and Crobat.

Source (Bulbapedia)
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Oh yeah! I didn't think that it would be a new Pokémon, since all the others are older ones. :) The HP S bag looks a little like Whynaut,I don't know why I thought it was that.
I thought hp bag s was darmanitan-z :P
All bags and their Pokemon type have superior stats in their respective bags