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Like the question says. I've been tapping at the punching bag at the main screen of the super training for twenty minutes straight and nothing happened. Not a single bag dropped. I'm looking for a reset bag but not even other bags dropped. Am I missing something here or just unlucky?

I think that you're just unlucky. You can also get bags by doing the regimens, but I don't think those will ever give you a reset bag. Also, you can only hold 12 bags at once. It might prevent you from getting more if you already have 12? I'm not positive about that, but you may want to try getting rid of one and seeing if that'll allow you to get more bags from tapping the punching bag.
I don't have any bags yet. I only tried it earlier and nothing dropped after twenty minutes of tapping. Guess I'm just unlucky

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I am attempting to answer this. I've only seen this solution on Reddit, and they said it worked, but I can't test it myself because that would mean I'd have to reset my save file. Even Bulbapedia doesn't elaborate.

  • Try completing the super training tutorial. After completing that, they should come more easily.

I hope I helped.