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Need help on Pokémon Platinum with Typhlosion's hidden power.


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The type of Hidden Power you will receive depends on if each IV is odd or even.

If you click on the following link:
And scroll down until you see all the Grass combinations. Basically, every 31 mea.s there has to be an odd number in that place, while every 30 needs to have an even number in that place.

But those are basically all the combinations for Grass. The 30s and 31s can be any even and odd numbers respectively to produce that type.

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Sources: Above Link and Experience

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Hidden power is a TM(TM 10) that you can find in two locations:

  • Trainer school
  • Veilstone Game Corner


But the type the Hidden power will be depends on the Pokemon's IVs. This is a good site that calculates what IVs you would need for a specific type of Hidden power.


Source: links above and knowledge
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