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I've been Using Spore Growth Hp Fire and Seed Flare Whimsicott in STABmons, I'm Wondering What type of Hidden POwer would achieve the best coverage when Paired with Seed Flare. TY ^.^

How about HP Rock? Since that covers all 3 weaknesses (Fire, Flying, Ice)
HP Rock is NIce, But i dont want to cover Just My Weaknesses I Want to cover everything [Fire destroys Ferrothorn]
Ohhh okay. I get you :3

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I clicked around a bit on the Type Coverage checker..

Hidden Power(Flying) + Seed Flare
26 Not Very Effective
352 Normal Effectiveness
291 Super Effective

Hidden Power(Rock) + Seed Flare
25 Not Very Effective
321 Normal Effectiveness
323 Super Effective

Those two seem to be your best bet.

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TY Slash But i think i need to use Fire, I Need to stop Gear Grind Scizor, and this way i cn beat ferrothorns, lol i never thought Flying gave good coverage :3 ty anyway
no prob