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Okay, I'm Making a STABmons Team with Jojo soon so we need the best moves for Each Type, These Moves can Be good because of their Sheer Raw Power or Because they get Priority. Alot of good Strong Moves have Drawbacks, Like Draco Meteor. You decide wether the Drawback is too much or not. [If you Suggest Giga Impact i'm Flagging you]

p.s. we dont need sets, Just moves

Giga Impact works on Slaking :)
had to be done T.T

[watch me get into loads of trouble for that]
MM, no it doesn't. When you have to rest, you can't switch out even with Truant.
True, I forgot about that. I then change my statement to: "It works BETTER on Slaking than on most other pokemon." Still not ideal then.
:< My Pretty Flag got removed

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I added some non-offensive but useful moves as well (they're in italics)

Bug: Megahorn, Bug Bite, U-Turn, X-Scissor, Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance, Tail Glow
Dark: Dark Pulse, Night Daze, Sucker Punch, Foul Play, Crunch, Taunt
Dragon: Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor, Outrage, Dragon Claw, Spacial Rend (Palkia), Dragon Dance
Electric: Thunderbolt (basic STAB), Thunder (in rain), Electro Ball (for fast/ scarfmon), Charge Beam (sub Magnezone), Volt Tackle (recoil), Boltsrtike (high power), Fusion Bolt (better accuracy), Volt Switch
Fighting: Hi Jump Kick; Drain Punch; Brick Break (breaks screens); DynamicPunch (No Guard); Focus Punch (substitute); Low Sweep (Technician); Low Kick (weight based, so T-Tar, Snorlax etc.); Mach Punch
-Counter is useful in some cases, but gets no STAB and no suitable fighting type can use it
Fire: Searing Shot/ Fusion Flare for accuracy, Fire Blast/ Blue Flare for power, Flare Blitz/ V-Create for physical
Flying: Brave Bird; AcroFlyinGem; Air Slash (flinch hax); Hurricane (in rain); Roost
Ghost: Shadow Ball. That's... about it. Destiny Bond for Gengar/ Froslass.
Grass: Leaf Blade, Wood Hammer (recoil), Giga Drain/ Horn Leech, Solarbeam (in sun), Seed Flare, Leech Seed, Spore, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Bullet Seed (Technician)
Ground: Earthquake, Earth Power, Spikes; I think apart from E-Quake and E-Power, there's not a lot else going for Ground types
Ice: Ice Beam, Ice Shard, Ice Punch, Blizzard (in hail), Icicle Spear (Skill Link), Haze (but I don't think any ice type can make good use of it)

Poison: Clear Smog, Toxic, Coil, Toxic Spikes. To be honest, you have better moves to be using. It only covers Grass, and if you're using something like Crobat, go with Flying STAB.

Psychic: Psychic, Zen Headbutt, Psyshock (for Blissey but not so much Chansey), Psycho Boost (-sp. atk by 2 stages), Psystrike, Clam Mind, Reflect, Light Screen. Luster Purge might be interesting with Serene Grace.
Rock: Head Smash (only with Rock Head), Rock Blast, Stone Edge, Stealth Rock
Steel: Iron Head for 30% flinch, Meteor Mash for 20% Attack raise or Bullet Punch priority. Steel doesn't have a lot of good moves.
Water: Surf, Waterfall (for accuracy), Hydro Pump for power, Scald (burn hax), Aqua Jet (+1 STAB), Water Spout

Normal: it's really difficult, considering that there are so many Normal moves and Normal Pokemon. I think it's pretty easy to use your discretion to determine what move a Normal Pokemon should use, e.g. Tail Slap for Cinccino.
Explosion and Self Destruct are good moves if you want a dedicated lead that sets up some spikes.

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You do realize this is STABmons. Any electric type can use Volt Tackle or Bolt Strike.
Arghhh didn't read that /froths @ the mouth
Welp, will be re-editing.
Will-O-Wisp and Thunder Wave should be in there somewhere.
;-; you said steel doesn't have a lot of good moves, ty anyways
ty fondant and WoW and t wave dont need to be there Flappy i asked another quewstion for status moves
also scarfmons doesnt boost electo balls power. in tested it ^.^ great answer
^ Really? I always just assumed, since I saw so many people scarfing Pokemon and using Electro Ball. Maybe your Pokemon using Electro Ball was already super fast? O:
*Looks at Electric list* Where's Volt Switch? >.>