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Blah Blah STABmons etc. e.g. Spore & Shell Smash, We want the Best for Each Type. [we being Jojo & Jojo] We dont need full sets Just moves to get the ball rolling. ty for the help ^.^


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Alright, before doing this I am adding a disclaimer. This is largely my own opinions, and if there is a move that is on this list that you think is useless, leave a comment saying why and if I agree with your reasons I will edit it out. Conversely if there is a move not on this list that you think should be, again let me know and if I agree I will edit it in. OK, now let's start.

Normal - Normal has the most status moves of any type. Many are useless or extremely situational, but there are also a lot of very good ones.

  • Baton Pass
  • Belly Drum
  • Block/Mean Look
  • Disable
  • Encore
  • Entrainment - only a Pokemon with an ability that the target can't make use of
  • Glare
  • Growth - particularly in the sun
  • Heal Bell
  • Lovely Kiss
  • Milk Drink/Recover/Slack Off/Softboiled
  • Morning Sun/Moonlight - only in the sun
  • Nature Power - technically a status move, but gives pseudo-Earthquake competitively
  • Pain Split - although Recover is more reliable for healing
  • Refresh - although Heal Bell is probably better
  • Roar/Whirlwind
  • Shell Smash
  • Substitute
  • Swords Dance
  • Transform
  • Wish

Fire - Fire only has 2 status moves, but both are good to use.
- Sunny Day

- Aqua Ring
- Rain Dance
- Soak - only on a Pokemon with good coverage, like Starmie

Electric - It only has 3 status moves, but all are useful.
- Charge
- Magnet Rise - gives pure Electric types no weaknesses temporarily
- Thunder Wave

Grass - Grass has a lot of status moves, many of which are useful
- Aromatherapy
- Cotton Guard
- Ingrain
- Leech Seed
- Spore
- Stun Spore
- Synthesis - especially in the sun

Ice - Ice only has 3 status moves, of which only 2 are useful.
- Hail
- Haze

Fighting - Fighting has 3 status moves, but all are rather questionable in their usefulness. Here are the 2 I think are better (Detect doesn't get a mention because Protect has more PP and is learnt by pretty much everything).
- Bulk Up
- Quick Guard

- Acid Armour
- Coil
- Toxic
- Toxic Spikes

Flying - again has few status moves.
- Roost
- Tailwind

Psychic - has a lot of status moves, although many of them are very situational.
- Agility
- Amnesia
- Barrier
- Calm Mind
- Cosmic Power
- Gravity
- Guard Split
- Guard Swap
- Heal Block
-Healing Wish
- Light Screen
- Lunar Dance
- Magic Coat
- Magic Room
- Miracle Eye - most have the coverage to do without this, though
- Power Split
- Power Swap
- Power Trick
- Psycho Shift
- Rest
- Role Play
- Skill Swap
- Trick
- Trick Room
- Wonder Room

Bug - Bug has some surprisingly good status moves to choose from.
- Defend Order
- Heal Order
- Quiver Dance
- Spider Web
- Tail Glow

- Rock Polish
- Sandstorm
- Stealth Rock
- Wide Guard - its usefulness is debateable in single battles, though

- Confuse Ray
- Curse
- Destiny Bond

Dragon - it only has one status move, but it is a decent one
- Dragon Dance

- Dark Void
- Hone Claws
- Nasty Plot
- Snatch - if you have good prediction
- Switcheroo
- Taunt
- Torment

- Autotomise
- Iron Defence
-Shift Gear

As I said, feel free to comment letting me know if you agree or disagree with some move on this list

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good answer but i think u said Immunity where weakness shud be at electric
Wait, doesn't status mean like poison and paralysis and stuff?
Just Non Attacking, But yes those are Status'
Thanks Eevee, I fixed it
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This is opinion based of course

Poison: Coil is a rare boosting move, akin to bulk up but having an accuracy boost to boot. It's a shame that there's few viable physical poison types (idk maybe a physical venusaur or nido). Otherwise toxic spikes is nice. Practically everything gets toxic so it doesn't get the mention, but otherwise its awesome.

Electric: Thunder Wave, which provides reliable paralysis, and is infinitely superior to the only other electric status move, Charge. Charge Beam isn't technically a status move, but its a nice booster

Fire: Will-o-Wisp Fire types don't get a lot of status moves (the other being Sunny Day), and if you really want sun that badly use Ninetales

Ice Haze Despite being more offensively inclined as a typing, Ice types lack a boosting move, but having the ability to wreck opposing boosting sweepers is by no means a shortcoming. Hail is the other decent option, but Abomasnow is best left for that

Fighting Bulk Up A great boosting move for the generally physically inclined fighting types. Quick Guard and Detect also have some use, but mostly in doubles.

Bug Quiver Dance Now this is tough, Heal Order, Defend Order and Tail Glow are all awesome moves, but Quiver Dance is the perfect sweeper boosting move imo

Steel Shift Gear is like a dragon dance but with even more speed, awesome for the slow steel types. Automize may be used if your despise low kick

Rock Rock Polish really helps with speed. Sandstorm is best left to sandstream, but Stealth Rock is also a key entry hazard. Wide Gaurd's nice for doubles

Ground Spikes is a rarer entry hazard that oddly enough no ground type gets. The other two options, mud sport and sand attack, stink

Psychic Lunar Dance There are so many freaking psychic status moves, so why this one? Fully healing a highly damaged core member of your team is no joke thats why. Dual Screens, Calm Mind and Cosmic Power+Stored Power deserve mention

Ghost Destiny Bond This is the ghost status move with the least situational use, allowing one to dispose of a slower opponent thinking the can muscle through you uninjured.

Dark Dark Void is a reliable sleep inducing move. IMO it ties with Nasty Plot

Water None of them Soak and Aqua Ring are rather gimmicky, and rain dance is easily accessible and redundent with Politoed's existence. Try scald or something.

Dragon Dragon Dance It's the only one.

Grass Spore You said it youself. Stun Spore, Leech Seed, Synthesis and Aromatherapy are also nice options

Normal Shell Smash though one must keep in mind encore, baton pass, recover, nature power (which is a status move btw) and a skew of others

Flying Roost Reliable recovery ftw, and the other choices are mostly subpar or gimmicky

Hope this helps :)

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I'm Thinking SubSmashPass Blissey :3