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So, I have a alakazam currently on my active team. It has magic guard, its hidden ability.
I have him/her (i forgot :P) hold the life orb item, but due to its ability, it doesnt take recoil damage. Also, when alakazam gets confused, does it also hit itself or hit the opposing Pokemon?

So, to sum up:
1. Does alakazam with HA get the life orb boost and not take recoil or does it not recieve the life orb boost?
2. When alakazam with HA gets confused, does it hit itself in confusion and not attack or attack?


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The wielder does not take damage except direct damage from attacks, damage from Pain Split, or self-damage from confusion, Belly Drum, Curse, Substitute, and Struggle. Magic Guard does not prevent effects that cause the user to faint, such as Healing Wish, Perish Song, or Memento.


1) You will get the Life Orb Boost
2) You won't take Life Orb recoil
3) You will take confusion damage

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Magic Guard does prevent Life Orb recoil, however the boost from Life Orb will still be applied.

Magic Guard does not prevent confusion and does not prevent the confused Pokemon from hitting itself.