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Rowap berry is an item that if the user gets hit by a special attack, then the attacker loses an eight of their life. So, if for example, a magic guard Alakazam hits a Corvibirb that has the berry using psychic, will Zam take damage? Also, is there a berry that has similar effects but on a physical attack? If yes, what is it called?

Afaik it won’t take damage

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These are items that inflict damage to a Pokémon. Pokémon with the Ability Magic Guard are immune to this damage.


The page has Rowap Berry in one of the items and "Damage inflicting items". Since the description says that Magic Guard Pokemon are immune to such damage, it applies to the Berry also.

Hence, Alakazam won't get any damage from Corviknight with a Rowap Berry if it has Magic Guard, and the physical variant of the berry is called Jaboca Berry.

Hope this helps!

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