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Battle maison: Opponent sent out Lickilicky with Cloud Nine but my Crawdunt and Lickilicky still took damage even when it said that Cloud Nine had come into effect.I did not take damage from Iron Barbs, there were no entry hazards in the field and I'm sure its ability was Cloud nine, and both still took damage from Sandstorm. A Ferrothorn before this used Sandstorm.
Thanks in advance!

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Can you be more specific...what did it take damage from?

Like, did you take damage from a weather effect or what?
Did the Lickylicky switch out? because Cloud Nine only works while the Pokemon is out.
Also, did it say Cloud Nine went into effect? because Lickylicky has 2 more possible abilities.

You need to give us more info if you want an answer.
Took damage by what though? Hail/sandstorm or what?
Did they take damage BECAUSE Lickilicky came in with Cloud none and itself used sandstorm?
tough call, but I'll answer anyway
yes you will
There's no explaination then
Something must have happened before the ferrothorn or something, not quite sure what though
Do you have a battle video? :)

Based on your narration, this is what seems to have happened.
1. Unnamed Pokemon was fainted by your Crawdaunt and Lickilicky.
2. Crawdaunt and Lickilicky took Sandstorm hits.
3. Opponent's Lickilicky came in and Cloud Nine activated, canceling Sandstorm.

Sandstorm deals damage at the end of a turn and before new Pokemon come in.

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Here's the most likely explaination, if all you said indeed happened:

Your game has glitched somehow.

Normally Cloud Nine will eradicate the effect of Sandstorm, and no Pokemon should take damage.

HopeI helped!

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and Lickylicky took damage because...? there was an entry hazard?
Most likely yes
i suppose its the best answer i can get
We could have given you a better one(potentially) if you had given us more details when we asked. -_-