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How can I complete the events in HG (Getting the items,pokemon) if I'm in Israel?

Some events are via wi-fi so you can get from aniwhere,but unfortunetly the other events you wont be able to get.
my problem is the same I live in Brasil.
Oh whats is it like there?? and do you guys have toys r us or gamestop of anykind

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You have to check to see if Wi-Fi events are available within your area. If you check Pokemon fansites from different parts of the world (Serebii in North America, Filb in Germany, and Pokemon-Project in Brazil).

These foreign sites will tell you of Wi-Fi events coming to their respective countries, and since all of these events have a Wi-Fi range of about 2000 miles, I think it's best for you to see if you can get events from the German events (On PEI, I'm too far away the North American Wi-Fi spot - 20 miles too far...).

EDIT: The distance from Kassel, Germany to Yavne, Israel is 1858 miles, so if you have Wi-Fi enabled, you should try and see if you can get some events from the German signals.

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