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Here we go again I have a bunch of tepigs and I can trade them for anything I finished the Regis, the lake trio, and the energy trio, just with tepigs are they rare or something

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I can't even
he asks wether tepig is legend or rare
Isn't that an obvious one...
all hail tepig the legend lol
Yup. Tepig is definitely a legendary, rarer than Arceus and Mew!!
Lol I'm kidding xD Its not a legend btw just a starter.

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Tepigs are EXTREMELY rare in X and Y.
It can only be obtained through Pokebank.
Hope I helped!

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Not rare in the literal sense of the word, rather unavailable to those without pokebank or gen 5 games
That's it! About to deposite my Tepigs for lengends!
I don't think this gonna work out too well though
Since everybody HAS to have BW2 for pokebank to work, many will already have Tepig :P
Many people start from Gen 6, you know?
And those that do are very careful of giving legendaries away. Why? Because they know that getting them back will be harder as compared to those that get it back by just restarting their old BW2 game and re-transfer.