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When you see a Kecleon you think, "Ok I know it knows shadow sneak so switch to a normal type." But what if that Keclon used NASTY PLOT!! then use Thunderbolt yes a special Keclon no one expects it. Keclons attack is only average and it lacks Swords dance or even curse or bulk up. But It's low S.attack can be changed from a poor 60 to a high 120 to even 240! with Nasty plot and catch the foe by surprise. I do not plan on doing this for I hate Keclon but I am sure Will might find this interesting.

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It could work, but remember that Kecleon isn't the biggest powerhouse to begin with, if I'm against it, I'm not gonna switch to another pokemon, I'm just gonna go for the kill. He doesn't really have much time to set it up, and even if he could, he lacks the speed to go first and strike.

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Agreed with DT.

Kecleon doesn't have the bulk to set up Nasty Plot without Substitute or something, and then that only leaves two moveslots for attacking, which is terrible, given how dependent Kecleon will be on Nasty Plot.

I'd just go with the classic SubPunch and dual Priority. You'd be surprised at how effective it really is, since people will try to exploit Color Change in order to make you look stupid, meaning they'll take a turn or two to set you up, while you hit them in the face with Fake Out, then a Focus punch or Sucker Punch.