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I was challenging the Black Tower and competed against a boss. Her second Pokemon was Tornadus! How is this possible?!


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Game Freak Logic

It is possible becuse Game Freak wanted it this way, we cant answer this question.
Also, this guy has an Entei and a Articuno, this guy has a Latios, and this girl has a Heatran, a Latios and a Suicune, also because Game Freak wanted it that way.

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Say can we use pokeballs in the black tower? I wanna catch the other trainers pokemon.
I hope you are joking. no you cant.
I have cheat codes so i can catch other trainers pokemon :P
Tfw you edited in the info I had in my answer.
Bish you only had Heatran and Latios
But you had none before.
So you cant use items in the black tower????
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Very simple answer to this: Gamefreak wanted it that way.

That's all. Gamefreak just decided to give her a Tornadus.
Other bosses have Pokemon like Heatran and Latios as well.