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How can I get shinies. I mean I want one that I hatched or whatever. Is that impossible?

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There are multiple ways to get Shiny Pokemon! I warn you now though, they are incredibly rare and it will take a long time and a lot of effort. But it'll all be worth it.

Of course, the number one way is simply finding them in the wild. Every non-legendary in X and Y that is found in the wild isn't shiny locked, and has a 1 in 4,096 chance of being shiny. But there are other methods that increase your chances:

  • Masuda Method - The Masuda Method is when you get two compatible Pokemon from different countries and breed them together. Although there is no real chance confirmed, in Gen IV it was a 5 in 8192, and in Gen V it was 6 in 8192, so as you can tell it's a pretty increased chance.
  • Friend Safari - Although it's not confirmed, Pokemon that are found in the Friend Safari have been known to have an increased shiny chance.
  • Chain Fishing - With some expectations, if you fish multiple times in a row for a Pokemon, it will end up appearing shiny! Read more about it here.

Those are basically the three main ways of getting a shiny Pokemon. Of course, with regular breeding and regular fishing you can still get a shiny Pokemon but it's a 1 in 4096. If you want to raise a shiny Pokemon from an egg, I'd recommend the Masuda Method.

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Masuda Method

This is a shiny hunting method that involves breeding two Pokémon of differing country origins. This increases your chance of hatching a shiny Pokémon.


This method is more difficult. Using the item Pokéradar in a patch of grass, you have to keep encountering the same species of Pokémon every time. The first time you use the Pokéradar, you will see some squares of grass in the patch shake. Just walk into one(you will need to use repels so that you don't encounter a random Pokémon on the way). Be careful which one you walk into though, try not to pick ones on the edge of a patch. After you defeat the Pokémon from this first patch, you will see more grass shake. Judge which looks like it shook the most and go to that one. Keep repeating this. Once you get to a chain of forty, your chance to encounter a shiny is increased. Once you get to forty, just keep resetting the Pokéradar until you see a sparkly patch shake. This patch contains a shiny.

Consecutive Fishing

This method is similar to Pokéradar chaining, but easier. Unfortunately you are limited to aquatic Pokémon. All you have to do is consecutively reel in a Pokémon using a rod. This can be done by having a Pokémon with the ability Suction Cups at the front of your party. The Pokémon you encounter don't have to be the same, and you can just run away from them. Just don't move from the spot once you start your chain.

Those are all the methods I know, it is also said that your chances are increased in the friend safari. You can also increase the chances further with the Shiny Charm, which can be obtained from Professor Sycamore after you complete the National PokéDex.

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