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My Pokemon storage boxes are filled with one of each Pokemon in the pokedex and I was wonderng if I would be able to bring over items in the beginning of my new alpha/omega game. I just wanted to know before I get really happy for nothing.

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We don't know for sure. The games aren't released, so full confirmation is not possible at this point in time unless Nintendo release the info.

However, given that the games will be part of Gen 6, it's pretty much guaranteed that X, Y, OR and AS will all be able to trade, battle and communicate with each other which would make the answer yes. Just remember that this isn't confirmed.

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Yeah but then again, X/Y wouldn't reconize the megas...
I'm assuming that they'll just update X and Y with the new Megas and disable wifi features for anybody who hasn't got the update or something like that. But you never know.