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Rhyperior has bad Special Defense, and even when having the Solid Rock Ability, it can't stand up to Water and Grass moves that well.
Should I give it Sandstorm, to boost its Special Defense, or Thunder Punch, to get rid of those Water types?
I do have Megahorn or Avalanche for Grass types.

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Go for ThunderPunch

In-game is all about attacking with brute force. Moves like Sandstorm and Hail are hardly used. The set I would use is:

[email protected] Band
-Stone Edge
-[any move that will provide good coverage]

Besides, Rhyperior will be able to cover Water-types with a strong move like ThunderPunch. Its Attack stat is sky high as you already may know. But make sure you have a Pokemon with Water Absorb and/or Sap Sipper to make up for its short comings.

Hope this helps!

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Muscle Band is too weak try choice band or Lefties.
Most water types in-game will be faster.
This isnt for in-game, it's for competitive
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Thunder punch.
Why? Because It's not going to stand up to Water and Grass type attacks anyway. Ice won't be a threat in case you're wondering. It can take a hit and Thunder Punch covers Water types.

Hope I helped!

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