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I'll be extremely straight,

None of the elemental fangs are good on the classic Hippowdon.

As per how the OU goes, Hippowdown really doesn't have the speed to take a sweep, nor does it have the best typing for a tank.
They are mostly used as a wall and weather starter in that respect, and carry:

  • Stealth Rock

  • Whirlwind

  • Slack Off

  • Earthquake

Although if you were to take a more offensive initiative, you should go for Ice Fang, as Ice is one of the best offensive typings in the game so far, and can hit many Pokemon for super-effective damage that would otherwise completely wall it (Eg.- Gliscor, Dragonite etc).

It doesn't give the best coverage as per Hippowdon's typing weaknesses, but most of it's weaknesses are special attackers, and because of Hippowdon's low speed and special defense stats, it will be knocked out by them anyways.

Hope I helped!

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Hippowdon is weak to Grass / Ice / Water.

Grass -> Fire Fang/Ice Fang
Ice -> Fire Fang
Water -> Thunder Fang

Go for Fire Fang because it covers from 2 weakness!

In Pokemon Diamond, Hippowdon learn the Elemental Fangs at - Level, meaning you need Move Reminder that can be found at Pastoria City (House northeast of the Poké Mart) and needs 1 Heart Scale.

Hope this helps!