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I just planted mine. Does it do anything? If not, how long does it take to grow?


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YES. Be Patient.

How Long To Wait:

These are the 6 stages of growth of a berry tree (in this case an Enigma Berry) - each of which lasts for 1/6th of the time the berry takes to grow.

Day 1 ------ 00:00 - 17:59 This is where you planted the Enigma Berry!
Day 1 -2 --- 18:00 - 35:59 The Enigma is sprouting!
Day 2 ------ 35:59 - 53:59 The Enigma's seedling is growing well!
Day 2 - 3 --- 53:59 - 71:59 The Enigma's trunk is getting bigger!
Day 3 ------ 71:59 - 89:59 The Enigma tree has buds!
Day 3 -4 --- 89:59 - 107:59 The Enigma tree is in bloom!
Day 4 ------ 108:00 - ... The Enigma Berry tree has Berries!

You can pick Enigma Berries after 72 hours - the tree will be fully grown after 108 hours.

How Many Berrys You Will Get:

A Berry's final yield depends on four essential factors:
- Base yield, made up of:
- - - - The Berry's minimum yield (when it is not watered or cared for)
- - - - +2 if the player used Rich Mulch
- Watering: the number of times the player waters the plant, multiplied by the Berry's watering value.
- Weeding: the number of times the player weeds the plant, multiplied by the Berry's weeding value.
- Pest removal: the number of times the player removes pests from the plant, multiplied by the Berry's pest removal value.

Enigma Berry Crop Yield: 1-5.

When To Pick The Berry By:

If any Berry plant is left untouched for a month after it has fully matured, it will become withered, but examining the plant will reveal a new sprout beneath it.

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Generation VI

An Enigma Berry will mature from a planted seed to a full-grown, fruit-bearing tree in 72 hours, with 18 hours per stage. An Enigma tree will yield 1-5 Berries.

Source - Bulbapedia
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