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Mudkip is in Group F of the IQ groups.
Pikachu is in Group D of the IQ groups.

If I went to Spinda's Juice Bar, how many Gummis would I need eat to get max IQ?
I have 372 Gummis right now.

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Let's see then.


According to the table, the maximum IQ a Pokemon can have in Explorers of Sky is 999.


This is how each type of Gummy will affect your Pokemon's IQ. Since you didn't mention which type of Gummy you're referring to, I'll take it to be neutral.

Now that means that the amount of neutral Gummies needed to Max out the IQ a Pokemon has would be = 999 / 3

Which is,

333 Gummies

Good luck.
Also IQ is not affected by the group the Pokemon are in, they affect the skills a Pokemon learns at a particular IQ / level.

Source: Bulbapedia, and some Unitary Method.
Hope I helped!

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666 gummies for the 2?
Yeah, I know
The number is huge, and that's why I put that 'good luck' btw lol
But if you manage gummies of same types, then the number will reduce to approx. 200 per poke
That means approx. 400 gummies of same type for both