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Also please include if any strategies can be utilized by Splash.

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In the pokedex, Magikarp can only hop and splash about. Like a fish out of water, so, magikarp is just a fish out of water. That's why splash exists
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Splash is a very ....... "Special" move. It has no effect on the battle what so ever (No matter what your friends say.... dem lairs.... saying a gaint tsunami comes if you manage to use splash 10 times ;~; ) and even the flavor text when used in battle says "But nothing happened!"
However, some things make this move even more special. For a example, you can not use splash when Gravity is in effect. (If you do not know the effect of gravity, please click here.
Another interesting fact is, Splash is useful in spin-off Pokemon games like Pokémon mystery dungeon. The effect of splash in PMD, is the user will move one space (at random) and if it comes into contact with another Pokemon, both pokes will take 5 damage.
Other then these "fun facts" however, Splash has no real use, and has been seen as a joke since gen 1.

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To make Magikarp even more laughable, since the whole point of Magikarp is to be a useless piece of crap Pokemon. (Splash was it's signature move in Gen 1.)

Please read the title.
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My Illogical Theory

Game Freak implemented it as a joke and for another reason for people who don't know it evolves into Gyarados to not use Magikarp and to soon regret it.

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Suck it Indi, my theories are illogical.
That theory was illogical and you know it.
Read the question closely.
I fell for this in first grade. I caught a magikarp, nicknamed it Flop, and started training. I clicked 'B' upon evolution, reasoning that no evolution of such a horrible pokemon could be good. Years later, when I was playing Pokemon Diamond again, I noticed that magikarp, now named lvl 22. 'Sweet!" I thought, "An easy Gyarados.". Then I saw the nickname. *rage*
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Splash exsists as an insult to magikarp because in gen 1 they wanted a move so bad that whatever Pokemon had it would be considered worthless. They choose Magikarp and named it splash indicating that it's only good for splashing. The 40 PP doesn't help. Since then other "worthless" Pokemon learned splash and nobody really cared...

"Forget swimming the thing can barely splash!" - Meowith on the sinking S.S. Anne describes James's newly bought magikarp that is supposed to haul the 3 out of the ship before they drown, thankfully it barely worked and the infamous trio survive, yet again.