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Splash has been a move since the first pokemon games but its effect is still the same. Nothing. I always wondered, is there a stratigic way to use splash?

SAME HERE! well its one of them

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In Cute contests, it can work fairly well as an opener, or to get SOME attention after someone hits max voltage. It's actually a move I've used a couple times with my contest Grumpig.

In battle, though, it does jack-squat.

Yah its probobly only good for using your turn without doing anything. I was just wondering if anyone knew a better way to use it in battle.
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Well now on black n white there is a tv show that says how many times you used splash its still not much but its something

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Nope it does nothing in battles though you cud use it in contests....I winder why they would make that attack?

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Actually I found a usefull way for splash but it works for walls like azurill( note that it only works in r/s/e 4th gen. and up). It works with only timer balls, make sure u have a decent leveled wall(with splash). Go to a legendary Pokemon ( or any difficult Pokemon to catpure) stocked up with timer balls. Saving might be necessary for legendaries. Get the Pokemon down to low health then send out the splashing wall. The timer balls strength depends on how many turns have passed. This is a great reason to have splash just to pass turns. Then after 20-30 turns ( 30 being the most effective even surpassing an ultra ball) you are ready for the timer ball hoped this added more reason to splash. : )

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Only on contests so if you want to level up your magikarp just put it in the daycare