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I'm having a hard time trying to find a Rotom in the Lost Hotel in X and Y. Does anyone have any tips on farming them or getting them easily? I'm planning on using heat or wash Rotom so if you have any movesets that could be effective, please tell me!

I got 3 today on wonder trade o3o
You want an easy way? I've heard that some people have a spare Rotom these days...

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Unfortunately there isn't any easy way to get a Rotom in X and Y unless you trade.
You can only catch it on Tuesdays and interacting with shaking trash cans will increase your chance of running into it.

Here is a full guide for catching Rotom:

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First of all, I would like to make it clear that Rotom will only appear on Tuesdays.
You have a chance of encountering Rotom by interacting with a shaking trash can.
If you find a shaking trash can, save beside it. When you interact with it, try and time your interactions with the shakes, as this helps in actually encountering a Pokemon.
Just keep interacting and soft resetting until you encounter a Rotom.
If you want movesets for Rotom, take a look at the moveset questions here.

Source: This video.
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Edit: Another way of getting Rotom is to trade over the GTS, or arrange a trade with someone. This is the way I obtained my Rotom.

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You can only catch it on Tuesday. Best places to look are the Lost hotel and Pokemon village.
Just keep resetting until you find one, or just set your date back Tuesday if you're lazy and can't wait.

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You can't get rotom in Pokemon village