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Could I have the LC banlist?

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Could someone please list all of the banned items/abilities/pokemon in LC?

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Here's the coding

	name: "LC",
	section: "XY Singles",

	maxLevel: 5,
	ruleset: ['Pokemon', 'Standard', 'Team Preview', 'Little Cup'],
	banlist: ['Dragon Rage', 'Sonic Boom', 'Swagger', 'LC Uber', 'Gligar', 'Misdreavus']

Anyway so that's (alot of these come under "standard/LC Uber")
Moves: Dragon Rage, Sonic Boom, Swagger, all Evasion and OHKO moves (as well as any strategy which forces endless battles).
Abilities: Moody
Pokemon: Gligar, Misdreavus, Meditite, Murkrow, Scyther, Sneasal, Swirlix, Tangela and Yanma

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Not Onix??