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Since it has 1 HP, what is the point in Shedinja having Defense and Sp. Defense?

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So? It would break the game.
Sub won't work on Shedinja xP
GF should've given shedinja crazy high defenses just because XD
Nothing just give it focus sash or the goggle things

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What's the point of giving Pokemon SAtk when its Physical Attack is much better? To fill a void. Sure it has 1 HP, but the same can be said to giving Shuckle Attacking Moves or Blissey Defense. If Shedinja had no Defenses, it'd be no different than if it did anyways. This could be Gamefreak's way of trolling as well. If a Pokemon were to have 0 Defense, that would very much glitch the game every time it gets hit in battle, as not damage can be set really.

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well, actually theres no point at all. but it would be even stranger if he didn't . like, no Pokemon can have 0 in any stat, so its simply just to don't have it

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Actually both of you forgot something. These defenses would be taken into account when it's behind a Substitute. How does it get behind a substitute you ask? Baton Pass.

Here's a good strategy:

Step #1
Any Baton passer with Substitute and any defense boosting move.

Step #2
Baton pass a substitute and maybe a few defense boosts (your choice) and set up a few times if you want and you have Death.
I recommend Drifblim to Baton pass because it has access to Stockpile.

Hope I helped!

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