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For a skill swap strategy, I would have an espeon use skill swap on a geodude. The geodude will survive the first turn because of sturdy. Then I will switch geodude when it faints to minun. I will use skill swap so minun has sturdy. Then minun uses entrainment on shedinja, which would then have sturdy holding safety goggles, making hail/sand storm have no effect. Is this a good strategy?

Oh... My... God...
see, the move entrainment allows a Pokemon to give its ability to another Pokemon.
While Pokemon with sturdy cannot learn this, they can learn mimic.
now, all you need to do is have shedinja mimic a Pokemon who used follow me
and have the sturdy shedinja spam follow me when there is a threat of burn or poison and have another Pokemon
spam aromatherapy or heal bell.
wow! {filler}

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I could list many different reasons why this would fail, but I'll just name a few.

1) Of you Skill Swapper is taken out, you're left sitting dead in the water.

2) Shedinja doesn't have the firepower to take out a whole team before Struggling.

3) Burn, Poison and Confusion damage all bypass Sturdy.

4) Entry hazards.

This strategy has been tried — and failed — many times. Don't join them.

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Thank you for letting me know! You made me notice that shedinja is a tough pokemon to win with. What if I made shedinja paralyzed? Wouldn't my skill swapper survive by sturdy though?
Entry hazards (common in competitive) still shut down Shedinja though.
I hate spikes/stealth rock! It ruins all my shedinjas. :C