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I am planning on entering an official Pokemon TCG tornament, so I am trying to make a tournament legal deck. I already know most of the rules, but I am not sure whether I am allowed to use Spanish or French cards, as well as English. Can someone help me?

I'm quite sure you are allowed, but I have no sources...

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>The use of foreign-language cards have been known to create time delays and and confusion at high-level Premier Events, where significant prizes are on the line. However, as the Pokemon TCG is an international game, concessions must be made to help accomodate markets where multiple languages are more common. Players are restricted on which language cards they can use, based on the country where they are playing. Any other languages are considered foreign in that country or region.

Here's a list of countries / regions and the languages they are allowed to use:

  • Canada: English and French
  • Europe: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Mexico: English and Spanish
  • South America: English, Spanish and Portugese
  • United States, Asia Pacific and South Africa: English

Players are not permitted to use foreign cards at Premier Events.

>For the Pokémon TCG World Championships and the Last Chance Qualifier, players are
permitted to use cards that are legal in their home markets. Reference cards are not required
for the Pokémon TCG World Championships or the Last Chance Qualifier.

So if you happen to be from Europe, yes you are allowed. Otherwise no.

Source, on page 5, 1.8, Foreign Cards.

Hope I helped!

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Nah duh only québec speaks french all the time.
Seven million Canadians, 22.3% of the Canadian population. Even if that is just Quebec, that's a whole lot of people.
Canada recognized English and French as having equal status in the government of Canada, which means they have to be equal in the game as well to prevent conflict.
That's a wholly different thing. When that happens the rules will alter probably.
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