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Question says it. Can include stadiums and weakness and Altered Creation and whatnot. I don't mind if making the actual deck would be hard or unplayable.


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Normalium Z: Tackle lets you upgrade Tackle into a move that does 200 damage plus a string of coin flips for 40 each. As long as you got lucky and kept flipping heads, there's potentially no limit to the damage.

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what if there was martial arts dojo and it had a fighting energy
Then you would get an extra 10 or 40 damage, no better than if you had just won one extra coin flip.
i know but i want to have ALL the possible factors
A double-headed coin will dwarf any other factor in existence. Unlimited damage is unlimited even if you add some piddly amount to it, or multiply it by 2.
i'l admit, i never expected this