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If you have a Diancie from the Japanese. does it register in the Pokedex? Im asking because the Pokedex in-game only goes up tp 718.


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Yes, there are hidden slots for the 3 event Pokemons after the nº 718 in Pokedex, just like in Black2 and White2 with the 3 event Pokemons.
Also the new megas from ORAS can be traded to XY.

Since Diancie is a gen VI Pokémon, of course it will be added to your Pokedex!
If you see here, Diancie is in the Central Kalos Pokédex.

Hope this helps.

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yes there is a spot for diancie and the 2 other event I got diancie and it appeared in my pokedex, the number of Pokemon caught went up to 719.

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