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I want to use eviolite type: null but I also want to complete my pokedex. legendaries dont have qr codes so that is out of the question and I have no shinies to use as bait on the gts. Any ideas?

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By your definition of "bulky sweeper", that is a tank.
yeah... i found out the non-breeding thing the hard way..... and SORRY sumwun i can't exactly look up every single pokemon fact! I only have internet in a few places for a limited time, so i can't exactly study the stuff. i can look stuff up and get advice from others, but i don't have the time to look up everything!
Don't you battle Gladion's Silvally before going to the Pokemon League?
I'm pretty sure he wants to register it as "obtained".
If you need GTS bait, try eeveelutions. I scored some really good Pokémon with a handful of Umbreon.

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When on the GTS go to seek Pokemon, then select on Pokemon wanted and scroll down ignoring all the letters you see as you seem to not have seen Silvally. At the bottom there is an option called "What Pokemon?". Select that and type in Silvally's name and select search. This will allow you to search for Pokemon that you have not yet seen in the game. Otherwise you can battle the Pokemon league and gladion shows up as one of the challengers and has a Silvally with him so when you finish battling him you can register it in your Pokemon as "seen".

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No. It is not possible to keep your Type:Null but have Silvally in your pokedex, unless you trade that is. You can always trade for Silvally, but, chances are that you won't be able to because a lot of people want legendaries that you don't have. One time, I wanted an Absol because I couldn't catch one and everyone wanted Clesteelia for it. I traded though because I love Absol. :) There might be a chance that someone wants something that you have that you don't want for the Silvally.