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I would like a Pokemon that has two of these three qualities:

  1. Has No Guard
  2. Learns Skill Swap (Entrainment may work too)
  3. Learns OHKO moves

Obviously this is a Doubles strategy to get guaranteed OHKOs.

no pokemon with No Guard has a OHKO move. This is obviously done on purpose so nobody can immediately win a battle (especially wifi battles), you can use PP Ups to get it to 8PP and automatically win Wifi and ingame battles. Sooo yeah

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There is actually a way to do this, but it requires some set up.

The other answers are correct - no single Pokemon gets this. However, it is still possible to legally do.

You need to have a Pokemon with No Guard (e.g. Machamp) in with Smeargle. Smeargle copies the No Guard Pokemon's ability with Role Play, and then sweeps with a OHKO move.

A similar idea can use Dusclops for a similar purpose. Have Dusclops and a No Guard Pokemon in. Dusclops uses Skill Swap to get No Guard itself. Since Dusclops is extremely bulky, it can last a few turns in battle, and gives you time to switch out Machamp to a Pokemon with a OHKO move. Dusclops then Skill Swaps the No Guard onto the Pokemon with the OHKO move.

Here is a video of this happening with Smeargle using Sheer Cold, if you are interested.

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