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I was wondering if a nature can grant you a higher bonus than another. For example a brave nature increases more attack than a lonely or hardy.

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Natures always increase and decrease stats by the same amount: 10%. So the answer is no, a Brave nature wouldn't increase the Pokémon's Attack by more than a Lonely nature. And Hardy wouldn't raise Attack at all. It is an Attack boosting nature, but it also decreases Attack too, so really it doesn't do anything.

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It doesn't work like that. All natures have a positive and negative.
Take Brave as an example.
It increases Attack by 10% but decreases Speed by 10%.
Now take Adamant.
It increases Attack by 10% but decreases Special Attack by 10%.
All positive natures increase a specific stat by 10%.
Now take all Attack positive natures.
That's Lonley, Naughty, Adamant and Brave.
They all increase attack by 10% but decrease Defense, Special Defense, Special Attack and Speed respectively. So no attack positive natures increase Attack by more than 10%. This s for all natures though. Sorry if my answer was a bit tough to understand.

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