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I plan to be passing to a Defensive Dewgong and would like to pass on some extra special attack to make sweeping a little easier. Oh yeah! I am a Gym Leader in a league on Facebook and I'd really like to have an Ice type passer, since I'm restricted to just the ice type.

Any help would be great! If its not possible, than I guess that is something that I'd need to know as well. :)


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Glaceon is the only Ice-Type Pokemon that learns Baton Pass.
Here are the stat boosting moves it learns:

Barrier - +2 Defense
Double Team - +1 Evasion
Curse - +1 Attack, +1 Defense, -1 Speed
Work Up - +1 Attack, +1 Special Attack

While it can work, Glaceon is very slow and isn't reliable for a Baton-Pass chain as it is Ice typed, leaving it with weaknesses to Fire, Fighting, Steel and Rock, and with only one resistance with Ice. Overall, more Pokemon do this job better than Glaceon, and I would recommend something like Scolipede, Espeon or Smeargle over it.