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I'm looking for certain passers and im wandering if there is a really good one so i can see which i have to hunt down and if the one i'm hunting down is for nothing.

I is searching for a gliscor with egg moves but i don't have any luck. I was asking just to see if i was doing this for nothing while i could have a better passer anyway.

If you could, give EVs, movesets, and natures for that pokemon.

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The best passers are considered ninjask and smeargle but it depends on what type of sweeper your passing to.
Because you were looking fof gliscor, im guessing with swords dance im just going to give you a pysichal passer.

Basicly Ninjask

Sometimes over looked but this guy is your basic well known baton passer.
It has incredible speed and access to swords dance.
Speed boost is just the icing on the cake.

It can at least set up 1 swords dance which is also 1 speed boost.
You can run many sets such as a sub set allowing you to set up many subs getting to almost +6 speed then passing with added swords dance.
Most ninjasks usually carry a focus sahs when not running a sub set as it is frail and allows it to at least get in one swords dance.

If this isnt the guy Scyther and smergle are also a good option.

If you want a special sweeper though Venomoth is a great choice with sleep powder and quiver dance raising spatk speed and spdef.
It is easy to set up and can do some very nice damage itself with a stabed bug buzz.

so, would this be a good moveset (after concluding from these answers)
Ninjask (M) @ Leftovers
EVs: 252 In both defenses 4 HP
Trait: Speed Boost
Nature: Jolly
Swords Dance
Baton Pass
Switch protect for uturn so you don't end up with a taunt lus you have sub and if using sub use leftovers.
Sub will break the sash plus leftovers will allow more subs :D
oh, but i'll lose of taunt. What are the chances of that though? :P
Very low but prankster ability gives the user +1 priority on all status moves so you would be for ed to struggle.
But it just allows you to deal some damage and revenge kill as well as protect isn't really needed here.
Thank you for the info, i just got my ninjask and i'm eager to test it's passing. I'm sure it will do good with a speed stat of 460.
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If you want a Physical passer go with

Nature: Jolly or Adamant
EVs: 252 Def, 252 Sp. Def, 4HP
Item: leftovers
Swords dance
baton pass

If you want a special passer go with

Nature: Modest or Timid
EVs: 252 Speed, 126 Def/Sp.Def, and 4HP
Quiver dance
Baton pass
bug buzz

I use ninjask as a passer, usually sending him in after setting up light screen and reflect, he is fantastic. Don't go with DW abilitys, their normal ones will work better.

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Use U-turn over X-Scizzor, it allows it to switch and do similar damage to x-scizzor.
But U-turn would defeat the purpose of being a baton passer, as it would smight all the stat boosts from swords dance. Baton pass already lets me switch and it makes the next pokemon a monster, X-scissor is for stabbed boosts from swords dance and it also makes him immune to taunt.
Uturn allows it to finish off Pokemon by revenge killing then lets you switch in to a more appropriate Pokemon.
You would be focused on boosting and passing more than using x scizor.
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You can't look for a pokemon with egg moves. You have to make your own gligar with those moves, and then evolve it into a gliscor.

This link explains everything.

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