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Swords dance, Nasty Plot, substitute, Tail Glow, Calm Mind, etc...

I need a list. Thaaaanks. I've asked this before but not for X/Y


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The new ones on the scene are:

image Scolipede
Baton Passes Speed Boost, Substitute and Swords Dance.

Baton Passes Calm Mind and Substitute.

Baton Passes Swords Dance and immune to Taunt because of Magic Bounce.

Otherwise, everything else is pretty much the same. Ninjask, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Espeon, Volbeat, Blaziken, Venomoth, Togekiss, Celebi, Mew, Mr. Mime are all still in play, and also SmashPassers like Huntail and Gorebyss.

As for how to stop them, Taunt is the usual method, especially Prankster Taunt. Whirlwind & Roar will work as well, but Roar won't against Mr. Mime because of Soundproof. Haze will also work.

Another way to do things is to set up some Rocks and phase ASAP so it'll faint Ninjask.

nobody really uses ninjask because of scolipede
People still use Ninjask. I've seen so many Baton Pass teams on Showdown lately and Ninjask is still in use. It's still faster than Scolipede so it can out speed Scarf Trickers like Rotom.
Piroity can work too, against faster passers like Scoli and Ninjask
That would work, but Ninjask is usually sashed and if you're playing someone with good prediction, they'll will Baton Pass out if something with very obvious priority moves come out, like Bullet Punch Lucario or Aqua Jet Azumaril.
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a good baton passer that gets annoying is illumise and volbeat

these are annoying because they have the ability prankster which gives priority to status moves. put a focus sash on him. all you do is bring him out and do tail glow (raises special attack 2.5x!) and then baton pass and they both will go first becuz of prankster. if your opponent chooses not to hit you and set up himself and your at full health then do tail glow again and you will have 4x special attack already. then if you go into a Pokemon like alakazam or xerneas it will be a sweep.

to stop them. either use taunt or a move that forces them out or after you hit them and there at 1 hp and about to switch use extreme speed because extreme speed has 2x priority but prankster give 1x.