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Obviously, if the Encoring Pokemon is faster or a Prankster, if a previous move was used, Encore will stop Baton Pass from being used.

What if the Encoring Pokemon is slower than the Baton Passer, will the Baton Pass target be locked to Baton Pass?


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No because when you switch out Encore's effect is lifted.

Source- Encore is freaking annoying and it keeps making me switch out, so...experience.

Edit: If you Baton Pass encore onto a Pokemon that is yet to use a move, nothing will happen, but if it has used a move it could only use the last move it used.

Also, this:

if a Pokemon is switched to via Baton Pass and then Encored, it gets locked onto Baton Pass itself if the Pokemon has it. The same occurs with U-turn.


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baton pass
My friend has a Prankster Illumise with Encore :/ so I know what you mean Terlor
If you use Encore when they used baton pass, wouldn't it just be using Encore on the pokemon they switch out to?
no because Baton pass isnt an intant switch, it switches on the next turn