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Baton pass is really only used to pass stat boosts and substitute. If a Pokemon knows no setup moves, the only purpose for baton pass is to escape traps. I've never seen anybody purposely trap a Pokemon just because it knew wish.

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Baton Pass causes the user to switch out for another Pokémon, passing any stat changes to the Pokémon that switches in. These effects are passed:

  • Increases and decreases in Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed. For example the effects from Nasty Plot, Swords Dance and Screech (if targeted at the user of Baton Pass).
  • The sure hit effect from Lock-On and Mind Reader. In other words, after using either move followed by Baton Pass, the next move from the incoming Pokémon will always hit.
  • The confusion status ailment.
  • A Substitute, which keeps its remaining HP.
  • Trapping effects from Mean Look, Block and Spider Web, on both the user and opponent.
  • Critical hit ratio increase from the move Focus Energy or a Lansat Berry.
  • The HP-restoring effects of Aqua Ring and Ingrain.
  • The HP-depleting effect of Curse (when used by a Ghost-type on the user).
  • The effects of the moves Embargo, Gastro Acid, Magnet Rise, Perish Song and Power Trick.

--Baton Pass on the Database

Baton - Wishing is a common strategy that can be well complemented by the above bolded effects. Since HP is the one thing that can not have modifiers (stages), it is imperative to a good Defensive / Stall team that the HP balance is well maintained and consistent throughout the team.

Also, some really good Subbers might lack the HP, but may have the Defenses to keep a Sub going. In such cases, Pokemon with High HP and Wish can step in and swing things subtly in the favour of the user.

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It is also notable that Baton Pass has no priority, meaning the passer pokemon can take a hit for the teammate it is switching into. It is a quite a bit more common with U-turn and Volt Switch, but another one of BP's uses nonetheless.