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The Draco Meteor tutor in each game says that they can teach you the "most powerful Dragon-Type move" but it only has 130 BP (140 before Gen VI) when Roar of Time has 150. Why is it like this?

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There are two reasons for this.

First reason being that you are unable to move the turn after you use Roar of time.
Second reason is that only 3 Pokemon learn this move, and 2 of them are event Pokemon. A lot of Dragon types can learn Draco meteor.

The Pokemon that learn Roar of time are:

  • Dialga (signature move)
  • Darkrai (event)
  • Arceus (event)



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In December 2005, prior to the release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, CoroCoro Comics January ran a contest where fans could name the strongest Dragon-type move.Draco Meteor was the move that won this contest.
Because this was prior to the release of Diamond and Pearl, Roar of Time was not revealed or simply didn't really count yet.
So regardless of Base Power, Draco Meteor still holds the title of the strongest Dragon type move. Also, Draco Meteor is usually a better choice than Roar of Time, as the recharging turn can be extremely risky.


But Draco Meteor was also Gen IV.
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