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How do you get ho ho in heart gold and soul silver. and were do you get the rainbow wing.

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Do you mean "ho-oh"?
ho ho. LMAO!
HoHoHo! You make it sound a lot less boss than it really is.

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"Ho-oh" should be residing on top of Bell Tower which is located in Ecruteak City.

The location of the Rainbow Wing depends on your version.

Heart Gold: You should receive if after you eliminate the Rockets from the Radio Station.
Soul Silver: By talking to the Old Man in Pewter City(Kanto)

Also note* You have to battle Ho-oh if you have Heart Gold.

Thanks. Can you tell me about when you beet the rockets at the radio station?
The guy comes up to you and gives you a rainbow wing as a gift for beating team rocket. then you get a clear bell from the kimono girls and get to catch ho-oh.
radio tower
its after your 7th gym badge the rockets take over radio tower.after your eight elm gives the master ball,you battle the kimono girls and in heart gold you go to the not burned tower in the ghost gym city.in soul silver go to the wirl islands
This is what happened to me and Ho-oh

I get up there,save,First time I OHKO him reset try again with typhlosion OHKO`d again then I reset set out my magnemite paralyze with static then just flamethrower him LV54 3 Times and I had 11 ultra balls,1 fast ball and my master ball.I threw the fast ball first failed 10 ultra balls later on my last ultra ball I say "Please Please Please Please" and it works :D and I nick named him OOOMMMGGG (Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God)