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So can you clone legendaries?


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This is how you can clone them

1.Get two 3DS, both with either the game Pokemon X or Y. You will need two 3DS or two 2DS to preform the trick.

2.Get a Pokemon you don't need, on the game that doesn't have the Pokemon you want to clone. This Pokemon will be lost forever, so something like a Magikarp or Scatterbug will work.

3.Go into trade from the PSS, with Wifi off. It needs to be an Infrared trade for it to work.

4.Offer the Pokemon you want to clone, as well as the junk Pokemon you want to get rid of. Then accept the trade on both DSs.

5.When the "Communicating, please stand by" message shows, count to three, then turn off the DS you sent the Pokemon you want to clone off. Count three more seconds afterwards and turn off the other DS as well.

6.Go on both games. If the two Pokemon appear in both games, congratulations! If not, you can always try again.

Source: http://m.wikihow.com/Clone-in-Pokemon-X/Y

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