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I'm getting my New 3DS in a few days, and I figure that I could set up a trading business by cloning perfect Pokémon (not here, on Nugget Bridge). However, the only Gen VI games I have are Omega Ruby and Pokémon X. Would I be able to use this method of cloning using both games? Is there an alternative method of cloning that works between the two games, or one that uses Pokémon Bank?

Please do not just provide a link. Explain in your own words. Links are fine, but also give me an explanation.

Thans a mil!

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I have a few ways, will answer soon. Its very late ATM

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The method stated above DOES work, as far as I know. I have a friend at school who clones Pokémon to his Omega Ruby from Y. I have seen him do it first-hand.

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