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I have a 6 IV Naive Salamence with Moxie that I am looking to breed for a Salamence with Intimidate. I would like to know when breeding which IV is not necessary for it.

The moves which I am running are Draco Meteor, Dragon Dance, Return and Earthquake.
I do need Att and Sp.Att IVs.

Also in X and Y how do you increase the happiness of the Pokemon?


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Well the ones that are necessary are Attack, Special Attack and Speed, and Special Defense is probably the least important because of your naive nature.
It would be best though, to have six IVs, if you are willing to work for it.
So IVs you should definitely have are HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack and Speed

Now here are all the ways to boost happiness in X and Y:

enter image description here

Sorry the screenshot is terrible, but I can't edit it(now).


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Where is the Juice Shoppe
It is in Lumiose City down Autumnal Avenue.