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So I am trying to breed a good Bagon for Mega Salamence in ORAS. The Bagon I am aiming for is below:

Ability: Rock Head (becomes Intimidate, is Bagon's normal ability)
IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31
Jolly Nature
-Dragon Rush
-Dragon Dance

Now I have a female Salamence that's Adamant, 6IV, and knows Dragon Dance. I've also got a male Garchomp that's Jolly, 6IV, and knows Dragon Rush. If I was to give Garchomp an Everstone and Salamence a Destiny Knot, would I get the Bagon I wanted quickly? Thanks!

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Your Bagon will have the "Jolly" nature, due to the new effects of the everstone (Definite chance, and five of those IVs you wanted because of the Destiny Knot ( However, now that BOTH parents can pass down egg moves, your Bagon will, if all goes according to plan, know the moves.
(Sources for that: Experience, general knowledge from this site-look under "Game Mechanics", "Breeding and Egg Groups", scroll down to the "Passing Down Moves" subheading;
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Females pass down egg moves now
Thank you, Trapinchinator!! I have edited my answer accordingly.
Wow, a lot's changed in this seems breeding is much easier now.