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So I got a shiny Salamence off of Wonder Trade with the moves Dragon Sance, Dragon Claw, Iron Tail and Earthquake. I accidentally made it forget Dragon Dance, so I went to the Move Relearner on Mt. Lanakila and Dragon Dance wasn't on the list of moves Salamence could relearn! I looked online, and it says Move Relaearner can relearn forgotten egg moves. Is my Move Relearner broken?

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Nah far more likely the Salamence is hacked and the hacker used an egg move cheat on a caught Bagon.

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No. I think this Salamance is hacked .Salamence has a slow leveling rate.It evolves on Level 50. So, It is a hassle to evolve him/her.Also,By breeding,It is very hard to get a shiny bagon without matsuda method.And no one will give a shiny pseudo legendary Pokemon on wonder trade without hacker . It is wonder trade. He doesn't Know which Pokemon are he getting. And there are no meaning of giving a shiny on wonder trade without for a legendary exchange.You failed to relearn him/her dragon dance because he used cheat to learn salamence it. However, You can test with another Pokemon to see that is your move relearner broke.
Hope you are helped.

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Oh yeah, it's caught in a cherish ball i.e. It's an event salamence.
I got it off YouTube-search PokeFlexii he gives away events. Ps I wasn't wondertrading
I can't type I forgot what I was doing (GTS)
What do you mean Legendary exchange
I'm confused as well