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(I'm not sure if this should go in Rate My Team, but it isn't really rating my current team, and also I'm afraid no one would answer me there. There are ALOT of unanswered questions.)

I just had my first online battle in Omega Ruby, and I fought someone who had Pokemon that had attacks that were super effective against the types that were super effective to their own Pokemon, and he rekt my team. I would like to know what moves I should teach my Pokemon (keeping Attack and Sp. Attack in mind) so that they are good against Pokemon that know moves that are super effective against my own Pokemon.

My Pokemon:

Swampert (Will Eventually Mega Evolve)
Camerupt (Will Eventually Mega Evolve)
Latios (Can Mega Evolve)
Glalie (Can Mega Evolve)
Salamence (I do not have yet, but will be able to Mega Evolve)

I would like good moves to teach my future Salamence, too. Don't leave him out, please.

If you asked it there with whatever 4 moves you think they should know, I'll answer you if nobody else does. Most of the unanswered teams are good teams that don't need to be improved much.
OK, thanks. I'll go post it there now. ^^
I could answer this but it'll take a while to explain lol... Try a website for pokemon battling its called

Pokemon showdown, click top right make account then teAm build and have fun.
@@@@@@@ pokemontrainersamuel, could ypu plz state extra information such as which pokemons have what natures.. Ev builds and also there usefulness such as will they be attacks, walls, stallers, or both.. What just explain you know

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Here's a guide and a small link for a Pokemon battle from a simulator that I spent 20 minutes building for you, lol.

click on the links below:-
Swampert university smogon`
Camerupt university smogon
Milotic University Smogon
Latios University Smogon
Glalie University Smogon
Salamance University Smogon

ALL above were hyperlinks to a website as referance and was a shorter and more meaningful way of explaining the best Over Used and best used apparently stats evs ivs moves and overated overall likeness of the Pokemon because it comes from Pokemon showdown/// which is a major gaming community of 100.000+++ Pokemon fans,, no joke lol. there experts..

Thanks alot!
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-Stealth Rock

[email protected]
-Fire Blast
-Earth Power
-Stealth Rock
-Hidden Power (ice)

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-Dragon Tail
-Ice Beam

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-Dragon Pulse
-Hidden Power (fire)

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-Double Edge
-Ice Shard

[email protected]
-Dragon Dance

Well these are great movesets that I have used an it wrecks all Pokemon and I'm happy with it I hope you are!