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Im going to Replay Omega ruby, so I had a few questions.

1) what do you think of my team? The bolded ones I am keeping for sure. if you have any good subsitutes for my non-bolded ones please tell me. (I have not played yet)

Gardevior, Swampert, Altaria, Giga impact Slaking, Aggron, and breloom.

I like this team. It seems pretty well balanced. Not a full answer, but I would maybe recommend giving Aggron a Focus Sash, so it doesn't immediately get KO'd by any Fighting or Ground type Pokemon. It might not be too important for regular in-game play, though.
but what if aggron has sturdy? and where are you going to find focus sashes in game?
Fair point. Just try to get an Aggron with Sturdy, then.
I think you should use Magnezone instead of Aggron because Magnezone has better special attack, speed, and defensive typing. Zangoose is better than Slaking because it has swords dance and not truant.
Maybe add in Camerupt or Ninetales for fire coverage
The team already has a ground Pokemon, and Ninetales's stats aren't very good.
the game is so easy you could probably use anything.
@sumwun pretty sure you can't get magnezone until you have 8 badges, as the new mauville sidequest was moved to having 8 badges

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Personally I think your team should look something like this:

  • Swampert
  • Gardevoir
  • Altaria
  • Manectric
  • Heracross
  • Cacturne / (swap with Linoone as and when needed) / Filler

Aggron isn't that great because of how late it evolves, and its low speed and several weaknesses. And Slaking can't be counted on to reliably KO your opponents.

You need Manectric for the 6th and 8th gyms.

Heracross does admirably against the 7th gym, and 2 of the Elite 4, and the Champion.

Linoone is a great HM Slave, a staple for any ORAS team, and you can swap it out for any stronger Pokemon you catch (or even Groudon).

If you don't mind grinding a LOT, Salamence and Metagross are great, but they take far too long to evolve, and you can't access them easily.

Be careful with the Dragon E4 and try to get and Ice move on Swampert and a Fairy move on Gardevoir. The Ghost E4 shouldn't be a problem as long as you use your strongest neutral attacks, and the Champion falls to a strong Swampert, with Heracross and Manectric pitching in where needed.

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If you'd like, I'll leave some ideal sets for your team as well.
Also, Breloom is great but it is weak to several gyms and the ice e4, so I swapped in the heracross
heracross is very late game, and doesn't match up well against the remaining gyms and elite 4. Heracross can only hit glacia and sidney with super effective STAB.
But then what do i have instead of heracross?
Yeah, I thought about that, but then again Breloom kinda struggles versus a good portion of the gyms. That said, aren't you forgetting about Sydney? Dark E4? And ofc heracross is decent versus Steven as well
if you want a fighting type, use hairyama. it's early game and hairyama is very bulky and has thick fat so it can be a good bulky attacker. It also lerans knock off and heavy slam via level up, poison jab and rock slide via tm and surf for some reason. This means it can be your surfer and has good coverage for your weaknesses