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I am making a team of legendaries and I can't decide if I want to teach Fly to my Latios or my Ryaquaza. Any suggestions?


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I would teach it to raquaza because he is part flying and he would get STAB off of it, making the attacks power X1.5.
And Latias doesn't have that high of an attack stat.

Would it go down too that Latios doesn't have very high attack?
That would be another reason, I was just stating the first thing that came to mind, the question still breaks the point, that fly would be better on raquaza, but I will edit that in.
Oh, and can you give me best answer ( I'm trying to rack up points )
Actually, he said 'Latios'. Doesn't Latios have a higher attack stat? Oh well, it's 5 years later. Doesn't matter now.