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This is probably a dumb question, but every time I use a Potion the next move of the opponent's Pokemon does more damage than it did before, or he get a critical hit. Is it just my imagination, or is it an in-game mechanism?

My Pokemon HP is full.
Opponent uses Ice Punch and leaves my Pokemon with very low HP.
I use Max Potion to restore my Pokemon.
Opponent uses Ice Punch again and kills my Pokemon.

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It is not your imagination, nor it is in-game mechanics.

All kinds of potions heal the set amount of hp they are supposed to.

Now let's talk about moves :P
All attacking moves do not do a set amount of damage(besides dragon rage and sonicboom). They do a range of damage every time they use it, prior to stat boosts. So let's just say Gengar uses shadow ball on a Ferrothorn. It does about 50 damage. The next time you use shadow ball, it does 48 instead. Then the next time you use shadow ball, it does 51 damage.
Sorry if this confuses you :P
Hopefully this answers your question
Hope I helped!
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Why does that happen? Isn't a move supposed to do a fixed amount of damage?
No, every move is based off certain percentages of damage which affect the end result of the damage inflicted. You'll often hear more experienced battlers referring to this as high rolls or low rolls.
Thank you! I've been playing Pokemon for many years and I didn't know that. I guess there's always room to learn new things :)
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No it doesn't. It just restores your Pokemon's HP by a certain amount (specified in the potion description).