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State the rest of your team, and state whether this is in-game or commpetitive, please.
my team is competitive and I needed coverage for water and ghost

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  • Has good mixed offensive stats
  • Gets a good moveset to abuse these stats
  • Has Swords Dance and Sucker Punch, a very good combo
  • Water Absorb can help it regain health for it's sash in case hazards are on the field
  • Destiny Bond works with it's horrid defenses


  • Very, very frail
  • Almost always needs a Focus Sash to be of any use, which disallows it using boosting items
  • Slow and relies on Sucker Punch for most kills, which leads to mind games



  • Has a decent attack stat
  • Chlorophyll patches up it's speed problem
  • Surprisingly enough, gets Defog to clear hazards


  • Below average physical movepool
  • Chlorophyll needs the sun; which increases it's Fire weakness
  • Frail

My opinion

Obviously unless we know your team, it is impossible for us to say which is better. However, I would go for Cacturne, mostly because it doesn't have to rely on the sun, and has better offensive stats.
But if you have a Pokemon that can set the sun (Drought or Sunny Day) and have access to Gen 6 move tutors, go for Shiftry.

Hope I helped!

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